After graduating in 2011 with an Associate's degree in Photography, I thought I had a pretty good idea about the type of photography I wanted my business to be about.. but I was wrong. My journey soon after revealed the biggest passion I had in this field: Product. 
With experience ranging from portraits to weddings to high-end commercial work, I realized I wanted to create the most appealing images to tell the story of a product. The texture, function, colors, value...all shown digitally, within images. This challenge fascinated me. 
I was given the position to serve as the Lead Photographer for a luxury watch brand in the pre-owned market for 5 years. This is where I saw just how much an e-commerce brand depends on photography for online sales & marketing. 
With that said, I am incredibly fortunate to share my passion of helping others show the fruits of their labor by documenting the most intricate details of a product. 
To capture the true value of each product, photographs are able to provide pure confidence for your client when they click 'Buy Now'. I take my role as a photographer seriously to help brands succeed in their marketing/sales goals. 
To read a little more about my personal story and what inspires me, you can read my interview with Voyage MIA Magazine here:
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